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Shani Jones

Shani Jones

Hi! I’m Shani. I took my very first yoga class ever, right here in Central Pennsylvania over 25 years ago. I fell in love with understanding the interconnectedness of my mind, emotions, health & rhythms & cycles of the natural world. I enthusiastically became a yoga workshop fanatic! For many years, I studied with many of the yoga icons we respect today including Erich Schiffmann, Sean Corne, Judith Lasater, Gurumukh, Gabrielle Roth & many others- with Shiva Rea as my primary teacher. I began my career teaching yoga in various studios around The Harrisburg area, I was an Adjunct Professor of Yoga at PSU Harrisburg for 10 years & for a brief time I owned a yoga studio. In addition to studying yoga, I have also extensively studied massage therapy, pilates, and the Lotte Berk Barre Technique. I teach a low-impact fusion of barre, pilates & yoga sequences unlike any other movement class. I am also a licensed massage therapist & a Natural Mystic. Presently, I teach yoga & self-care in the corporate world as an asset to employee wellness programs. I also work with clients 1:1 at my private home studio & online. I coach people to enliven & awaken their thoughts, creativity & health through sensory rich movement practices with my unique Witchy Goddess Way. I'll be 50 this year. Lot of people my age will say they don't feel that old. Is 50 old? I guess it depends. My body has changed. My mind has changed. I have changed so much decade after decade. I am still changing. Nothing stays the same. But I don't feel old. I love living the yoga lifestyle that I have created. It’s so healing. I have learned how important it is to take refuge in my practices & shift into higher vibrations when I am stuck in the suffering of a grinding mind. I whole-heartedly intend on coaching people through movement & self-care forever. We all get off track from time to time, existence is absurd. Horrible things happen. Amazing things happen. It only takes a moment for everything to change. Healing is the re-unification of soul, self, and spirit with our truest desires. May you feel the flash of insight that opens your heart.

Heather Solomon

 Heather Solomon



Heather has been a student of yoga for over 10 years. Although she began her practice with a skeptical mindset and a lingering hamstring injury, she loved every second of it. Yoga asana was exactly what she needed; humbling and challenging. Within a few weeks her hamstring started to regain mobility, and she felt a deeper sense of mental clarity. At 23 years old, she practiced as often as she could, and continued to experience the holistic-healing into early adulthood.


Yoga became more than movement for Heather. Her teachers shared deep love and wisdom in their classes. They inspired Heather to learn more about the art and science of Yoga. In 2017, she committed to a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica with Marianne Wells. Studying in the rainforest profoundly changed her relationship to Yoga and the world at large. 


Heather continues to practice and teach yoga every single day. Throughout life on and off the mat, her intention is to nurture the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of human experience. 




• 200 hr Vinyasa YTT with Marianne Wells (2017)

• 200 hr Bikram YTT with Yoga Factory (2022) 

• Advanced courses in Philosophy, Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson

 ---  Brian is an Amethyst Retreat Center volunteer with a lifelong sense of curiosity and wonder about the night sky. Inspired by the officially designated Dark Sky Park at Cherry Springs State Park, Brian facilitates a very informal Stargazing night at Amethyst once a month.               

While not an expert, he enjoys helping people familiarize themselves with what they're seeing in the night sky.  --- 

Tammi Hesson_ Bumbada Woman Drummers

 Tammi Hesson/ Bumbada

Bumbada! Women Drummers

Bumbada! Women Drumming are the sirens of drum…they will lure you into the rhythms of the drum forever! The group is a Lancaster, Harrisburg, and Maryland-based women’s drumming adventure that is named after the sounds of the drum, boom, ba, da (Bass, tone, snap). Bumbada! plays West-African based drumming music, while adding its own feminine and powerful flair. You will get hooked, beware! Tammi Hessen is the musical director and lead of the group.

🪘More about Tammi :

Tammi Hessen
Tammi Hessen is a Lancaster, PA-based drummer and percussionist who has been studying in the West African hand drum tradition of djembe/dununs, and continues to discover and celebrate the nature and power of the drum as a musical instrument and tool for joy, transformation, and personal and community healing. She teaches and performs, and believes that drumming can unite people from the inside –out. She has traveled to Africa to study drumming, and has studied with numerous teachers in the US. Tammi began teaching drumming classes in Baltimore Maryland in 2003, and continues to teach in the PA area. She also plays percussion with local musicians such as Bobbi Carmitchell and has recorded with Ubaka Hill. Tammi has performed at local and national festivals, produced ongoing weekend drumming retreats, organized festivals, and composed music on her drums and steel pan (which was her first love). She is an adjunct professor at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster PA where she directs the college’s African Drumming Ensemble and gives private lessons. You can contact Tammi directly for more information about the ongoing drumming classes in Baltimore, Lancaster, York, Reading, and Harrisburg Pennsylvania area, and for private lessons.

Bryan Hickman II

Bryan  Hickman

Bryan Hickman II, better known as King Prolifik, is a visual artist residing in Harrisburg PA. Earning his bachelor's degree from Shippensburg University, he acquired a plethora of artistic skills that enabled his growth as a professional artist.

His ultimate goal as an artist is to remain consistently productive while acquiring more knowledge that he'll be able to pour into his art to inspire the rest of the world.

William Pagan

 William Pagan

William G Pagan III , or Mystic Willderness to some. A sound alchemist exploring the connection of source through sound. Using the didgeridoo, metal bowls, and multiple other instruments we travel through sound space and set our intentions out to the universe. Looking forward to co creating this space of healing and openness

Alan Kuhl

Alan Kuhl

Alan Kuhl

RYT 200hr, Sound Healing Practitioner, Musician


Alan has over 15 years practicing, studying, and performing music. Growing up in Northeast Pennsylvania in a family where dance and music were the backbone and foundation for connection. Playing in Rock & Roll bands like his father led him slowly to a path of addiction and depression. Nearly giving up on life he then found the correlation between sound and healing through the study and art of yoga/meditation. “Bhakti and Nada Yoga are my new drugs and rock & roll”.  Applying these practices for his own personal healing, growth, and transformation, he now presents these healing modalities to communities and rehabilitation centers in the area and through online classes. 

Alan’s main focus is to educate and demonstrate these practices to those who are still suffering from Addiction and Mental Health Dis-orders. To use holistic and spiritual healing along with other programs of recovery to aid in those who still feel a sense of  hopelessness. 

Currently enrolled in Capella University for his Bachelors in Psychology he hopes to bring  Holistic Therapy into clinical settings to enrich the experience of Treatment Centers here in the United States. “Eastern Medicine and practices of Yoga/Meditation should not only be recognized, but a core foundation for Addiction Treatment and Mental Health”. He is having great success and results with his work being done at The Ranch of Pennsylvania by providing the correlation of 12-steps, Yin Yoga, and Sound Meditations along with Native Teachings of the Medicine Wheel. These teachings and practices are taught by him from a space of true love, as they are the reason he is alive and able to do this work today. 



RYT 200, Create Karma Graduate, Student of Psychology

Therapeutic Drumming training w/ Jim Donovan,

Continued Education through Soundwise Health and Himalayan Institute,

Founder, Unknown Element Holistic


Alan believes in the power of sound and energy to be the fundamental component to all well being. “We are energy, we are vibration, all of life is music.”


John Protopapas 

Having spent the last 35 years immersed in the study, practice and teaching of yoga, I feel more then ever that these universal Ancient teachings and practices can transform our lives, especially in these uncertain turbulent times.

Growing up in South Africa I went through a period of extreme turmoil and questioning. During that time I was completely moved and inspired by some Monks and Yogis that I met from the Himalayas, and about the same time I heard Classical Indian music on the Sitar. These experiences changed my life and direction.

I trained as a meditation teacher with the T.M movement of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Soon after that I went to India via Greece and immersed myself in the study of Yoga and Classical Indian music. I explored many different styles and approaches to yoga in the over eight years I lived there, and I share this approach in the way I teach.

John teaches a World Music Course at York College. He taught Yoga as a therapy for at risk teenagers at the Children's Home of York and at the Lutheran Home, a senior citizens center. He currently provides Yoga Therapy at a rehab facility in York.


Mystical Kirtan with Mirabai Moon

Mystical Kirtan with Mirabai Moon offers a passionate embrace of the Divine Essence right here, right now... in your embodied, human form, just as you are. 
Singer/songwriter Mirabai Moon’s immensely versatile and powerfully expressive voice has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and even mantra artist Deva Premal.  Her music takes listeners on a journey, flowing effortlessly from ethereal dreaminess to soulful blues and jazz. 

She honed her craft studying vocal improvisation with Jazz legend Bobby McFerrin and Rhiannon of Voicestra.    After nearly two decades of songwriting and three original albums, she fell in love with the practice of Kirtan.  In 2010, Mirabai devoted herself as a Bhakta, singing sacred chants in Sanskrit, sharing her profound love of the Divine with others through call and response devotional chanting.

Mirabai’s life changing experiences with kirtan and mantra practice led her to explore other sound healing modalities.  She now uses crystal singing bowls, chimes and gongs with groups and individual clients for healing and transformation work.   Mirabai tours across North America and internationally, sharing chant music and sound healing in yoga studios, healing centers, and festivals.  Her offerings guide participants into experiences of profound healing and embodiment of the Divine Essence within human form.

Here's what folks are saying...

“Mirabai Moon is a Kirtan soul angel who uplifts the Spirit.  Her voice is exquisitely tuned and her warmth fills your heart. Don’t miss her!” - Gary Goldberg of WRPI, In The Spirit Radio
"Mirabai Moon's new album is the bomb!" - Bhakti Beat

"Mirabai's music is filled with heart and devotion." - Steve Gorn
"Listening to Mirabai Moon sing is like hearing a soulful, beautiful transmission of the divine."  
- Lauren Rutten


Rachel and Ulysses Wilson

Rachel is a multifaceted yoga teacher with 15 years of experience and is a registered Yoga Therapist. She is the founder of Om My Yoga, as well as Om My Yoga Academy She offers students creative and accessible classes, workshops, and retreats that draw upon her education in Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Acrobatics, Pilates, athletics, personal training, mental health, mindfulness and meditation. Rachel brings boundless energy, insight and creativity to every class, teacher training and workshop she leads. Rachel is an E-RYT 500, an Aerial Yoga Teacher, an Acro-Yogi, a PHI-Pilates instructor, an ACE certified personal trainer, a marathoner, a triathlete and mother of two humans, two pitfalls and one pootalian. Both new students and seasoned teachers seek out to her classes and workshops for fresh inspiration, motivation and mentorship.


Ulysses Wilson, E-RYT

Ulysses Wilson is a yoga teacher with a unique passion for movement. His movement practice was originally directed by a dynamic and competitive wrestling career, supplemented with training in martial arts, specifically Judo. During college, his athletic career was halted by a spinal fracture, which resulted in two surgeries. Over the years, he used therapeutic yoga techniques to regain mobility and strength, while attaining his masters and law degrees, as well as his Yoga Teaching certification. He has gone on to extensively study Hatha/Vinyasa yoga, Acrobatic yoga, Aerial Yoga, SUP yoga and more. He currently acts as a trainer/mentor in the Om My Yoga Academy 200 and 500 level Yoga School in Pennsylvania, and teaches yoga classes and workshops at Om My Yoga Studios, which he co-owns with his wife and partner, Rachel Wilson. He brings a sense of playfulness, compassion and lighthearted insight to everything he does.

Katy Gassner Krevsky

 Katy Gassner Krevsky

Katy Krevsky is a graduate of IUP with a BS degree in Finance. After working for a number of years in the Insurance Marketplace, Katy went back to school to study Nutrition at Messiah College. While pursuing her Didactic degree in Nutrition, Katy gave birth to her first child. A beautiful girl born with Down Syndrome. Katy knew her time was needed at home to nurture and care for her sweet girl and discontinued her nutrition education. Being a mother of a child with a disability can be full of anxiety & worry about the future. During this challenging time in Katy’s life she discovered guided meditation through The Option Institute. 2 more kids and many years later, Katy has explored many modalities of meditation including being trained in Transcendental Meditation in 2012. She took advantage of every workshop at local yoga studios and any Live Like A Yogi style course she could get her hands on! Having shared her knowledge of meditation with family and friends over the years and the challenges of COVID and 2020, Katy decided the time was right to receive formal training. Enrolling in the UNPLUG Meditation Teacher Course with Suze Yalof Schwartz and receiving training from the incomparable davidji has brought Katy full circle. She is thrilled to be certified and sharing meditation’s universal benefits with family, friends & the community!


Bhante Soma

Bhante Soma comes to us from Sri Lanka where he became a monk at the tender age of 11 years old. He is the youngest child in a large loving family. Thanks to modern technology, he can maintain a close relationship with his siblings, mother, and many nieces and nephews.


In the short time that Bhante Soma has been in Central Pennsylvania, he has worked hard to build a spiritual community. Bhante Soma brings wisdom and humor to his Dharma talks. His message of Loving Kindness resonates with people on a deep level, and has helped them to find something in their lives that they didn’t know was missing.


Bhante Soma is traveling all around Central Pennsylvania teaching over 20 meditation classes a month. He performs many house blessings and baby blessings, and is available to officiate at weddings and funeral services. He makes himself available to anyone who needs spiritual guidance, at any time of day.


Bhante Soma’s loving spirit and quick sense of humor has earned him the nick-name of “Funny Monk”. Known for his beautiful chanting voice, his practitioners are immersed in beautiful sound during his weekly Loving-Kindness Meditations


Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple PA I About Us


Kuf Kn0tZ & Christine Elise

MC/ Poet/ Songwriter Kuf Knotz and classically trained Harpist / Guitarist / Pianist / Vocalist Christine Elise have combined forces to create a new album. The unlikely pair connected and built the project with a similar vision, wanting to create positive, forward thinking music driven by a strong message. Both individuals are intrinsically motivated to foster community growth through musical expression.


Christine Elise has a strong background in music therapy having delivered music therapy services to children, adults, and seniors with developmental delays, special needs and those needing emotional support.  Finding a passion for community music therapy, she has facilitated group sessions for professionals and clients in the USA, South Africa, Peru and Jamaica.  She has presented at national and regional music therapy conferences, with a focus on her community music therapy work, as well as written three scholarly articles published by Music Therapy Perspectives.


Kuf Knotz is one of todays fastest emerging alternative artists which has led him to open for a very diverse number of acts - 


Ms Lauryn Hill, The Roots, Common, G-love, Wyclef Jean, Slick Rick, The Wailers, Robert Randolph, SteelPulse, Arrested Development, Robert Glasper, Inspectah Deck, Rising Appalachia,  Zac Deputy, Josh Ritter, B.O.B,Bone Thugs & Harmony, Kabaka Pyramid, Yellowman , Soulive , Easy Star Allstars, Ozomatli  &  Bruce Springsteen. 

Jackie Dahlheimer 500RYT

Jackie Dahlheimer

Jackie Dahlheimer


Life Coach: 10 years | Yoga Instructor: 15 years | School of Life: 49+ years

I found yoga more than 20 years ago to help with depression. Over time, I found that the more I got present in my body, the more I could hear what my heart wanted. For me, the practice is not only a series of poses, but a way of living, a way of being in and for the world around me. The presence that I discovered on my mat translates to everything I do. My practice is with me as I love and take care of my family, and it’s with me as I lead and grow this amazing community. Being a yogi did not change me, but more enhanced the way I do my life. I see now, that much of my sadness that I called depression stemmed from simply not knowing who I was or why I was here. Yoga gave me my life’s work. It showed me that who I am is more than enough. Yoga taught me that each and every human has a light inside of him or her that could be wasted if not shared.  Yoga is the tool that I use to speak to my students’ hearts. It’s the tool I use to help my students find vitality for their life. I have no interest in fixing anyone, because in truth there is nothing wrong. Only what is or isn’t working for them. Our bodies have a natural rhythm. It has a built in memory system. We Humans live on a planet that has gravity. Gravity and the stress of life can get heavy. Fact is, most humans don’t like pressure. So I teach to help my students learn to relieve that pressure for themselves. I teach so I can continue to always be a student of the human spirit. I teach because I’m a seeker on a journey that never ends!

Green-Tree-Yoga-of-PA Brenda Eppley

Brenda Eppley

Brenda earned her 500-hour designation with the Himalayan Institute, and is a YACEP and E-200 hour-level Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. In the fall of 2021, she will be starting graduate work in the MA Yogic Studies program through Naropa University. With an abundance of positive energy, Brenda’s objective is to empower practitioners with tools that will enrich their lives on a daily basis both on and off the mat. Her dedicated commitment to educating yoga students about the many benefits of yoga provided the motivation for creating the “Yoga Discovery Podcast”. She is firm in her belief that our ability to understand all things yoga will ultimately enhance our health and well-being in every respect.


When not on the mat, in the classroom, or in the theatre (she has her MFA and BFA in acting), Brenda travels the world searching for adventures that will expand her understanding of our global community. In the yogic world, she is passionate about bringing new practitioners to the mat while cultivating a knowledgeable awareness to enhance the experienced student`s evolving journey. Learn more about Brenda at



Workshop:  Finding Your Dharma


What is dharma? How does it relate to identifying your purpose? And most importantly, what is YOUR dharma? Join Brenda as she explains the connection between dharma as introduced in the Bhagavad Gita by Krishna to Arjuna. Learn why it is important to follow your dharma, and what happens when you ignore your dharma. Familiarity with the Bhagavad Gita is helpful but not necessary. We will be exploring how to find your dharma. If you have a journal, bring it to the workshop!

Check out the podcast:


Stephen Hass/ SmH

SMH is inspired by Late 90's Cartoons and all of Super Mario's worlds. It’s something like what might happen if Mr. Rogers was to spend a day at Peewee’s Playhouse.


Think "Be Here Now" meets Saturday morning cartoons and a bottomless bowl of cereal. 


SMH creates worlds in which the serious and the absurd are reconciled, where both are explored and embraced. Because that’s the only way.

karen East.jpg


Holistic Healing + Mindful Movement + Meditation

Guiding others towards Wellness of mind, body, and spirit through a unique combination of healing modalities. Walking the path alongside anyone willing. Holding non-judgmental space for healing to happen.  Teaching to possibility by living example.  Breathing in communion with Nature.

*Join her for a special class designed to bring balance to your being.


Find more at


Class description –

Mindful Movement + Meditation

A special class designed to bring balance to your being. Move gently in connection with your Self and everything that surrounds you.  Appropriate for all.

Reiki By Rickie

Rickie Meryl Freedman

Rickie Meryl Freedman

Reiki Master/Teacher, P.T.

Bringing an Integrative approach to Holistic Health,

Rickie’s expertise spans across many aspects of wellness,

particularly pain and stress management , and reduction of

addictive behaviors, anxiety and sleep issues.

"Reiki by Rickie ~ Gentle Touch, Deep Healing",

individualized Healing and Balancing sessions, is one of

many tools. Rickie teaches all levels of Reiki Classes

including “Reiki for Healthcare Professionals” and

“ReikiKids”. She recently published a ReikiKids

Coloring/Activity manual. She has created and conducts

numerous workshops, including “The Power of a Positive

Attitude” and “Choosing Peace in Challenging Times", as

well as teaching other Reiki Masters about sharing Reiki with


Rickie offers Reiki Sessions at "ReikiSpace & Learning

Place", Central PA's first Reiki Center, which she created

and opened in 2013. Rickie is a Certified Holistic Life Coach

and shares her "Follow your Heart AND Do it Smart!"

Mentorship program.

Rickie’s Mission in the world is to bring the Inner Peace

of the Reiki Experience in a grounded way to as many

people as possible. “I don’t DO Reiki, I LIVE Reiki!” Rickie

believes that “Our world and this Earth need all the Light,

Love and Positive Energy we can possibly share!”

Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place



Annelise Latini, Clear Sphere

Sat nam!  I am an ERYT 200 teacher having received my Hatha teacher training from Asheville Yoga Center (Asheville, NC) and my Kundalini Yoga Teacher training from Lighthouse Yoga (Washington, D.C.)  I am certified as a Y12SR (yoga for addiction recovery)  leader, and a Reiki Level 2 attuned practitioner.  I am currently studying Anusara Yoga and Ayurveda with Rachel Bush.  

I believe in the healing power of a yogic path to transform and uplift!

Having grown up in the central PA area, I moved back almost 3 years ago. I was overjoyed to find so much interest in the yogic lifestyle that our studio, Clear Sphere Yoga in downtown Williamsport, sprung up organically and has grown to include many styles and amazing teachers within a thriving community.  


My teaching style is very easy-going and playful and I provide a lot of explanation.   Every class weaves yogic philosophy and spiritual principles as well as a strong focus on meditation and breath-work. I primarily teach Kundalini and Hatha Yoga at Clear Sphere, at White Deer Rehab, at the Muncy Prison, as well as traveling to various organizations and companies to facilitate holistic wellness practices . 

In addition to my role as yoga teacher, I am a certified holistic life and addiction recovery coach.  


I am overjoyed to be a part of the Central PA Yoga LOVE Festival  for the second year.

The Mas and The Babas

The Mas and the Babas

The Mas & The Babas are a collective of professional musicians, yoga teachers and enthusiasts. Hailing from Central Pennsylvania the group brings loving devotion to a new level with their eclectic mix of western and traditional melodies, African drums, and storytelling.


Emily Turin

Emily Turin fell in love with dancing about 20 years ago , the first time she heard electronica and djembe drums … “It was like a switch turned on and I discovered a new part of myself” …a Zumba Instructor for 5 years , she recognized the elevated positive energy that students would experience through the act of dancing .. She says , “ I feel many of us are apprehensive of the word “dance” in general because of the ideas we have attached to what that word or activity means . I hope to encourage others to experience dance as a personal self-love practice … as a way of allowing rhythm and vibration to move through the body and in doing so release stagnation and ignite new power within … Emily is also a children’s book author, a singer/ songwriter and a 300hr YTT , trained in Hatha & Yin Yoga and Qigong. She teaches Chi Flow from her home twice a week for neighbors and an online community

Finding Your Future

 William Autore

Finding Your Future written by author/artist William Autore featuring his now 9 year old son William Adio on the book’s cover, is a comprehensive guide to grasping self awareness and discovery of one’s purpose within today’s complex societal experience. 


Debuting in 2017, Finding Your Future which was originally written in 2011 is currently in talks of becoming a school based curriculum in New Jersey and an independent short film. 


Autore chooses to focus on the individual in Finding Your Future and it is this aim that makes the reader feel as if they are having a one on one conversation with the author. Choosing conditioning as the enemy to progress and self growth, William and his blended writ of spirituality, self help, activism and unity, rallies the mind, body, and soul to overcome the many challenges that lie ahead of us all.

Shawan Rice

Shawan Rice

"Shawan Rice is a deeply soulful songstress, originally hailing from Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Her music is an eclectic layered mix of rootsy neo-soul that is heavily influenced by black american music. Shawan began writing music at 13 years old, crafting her with seasoning from artists from Jimi Hendrix to Erykah Badu. She began to play live in 2008, having since released 4 E.P.s, toured throughout the US, eventually relocating to New Orleans where she has established herself as a regular gigging musician. Playing solo or with her band Shawan & the Wonton, Rice has played many iconic venues and festivals, opening for national acts including Grace Potter and Carly Rae Jepsen.

The Wild Hymns

 The Wild Hymns

A beautiful synthesis of neo-folk, pop, and Americana with elements of jazz, tinges of psychedelia and a little bit of mellow rock and roll, The Wild Hymns are the original songs of singer/songwriter Megan Woodland Hewitt (née Donley) and her band with her husband, guitarist Jeff Hewitt.

There is a tender sweetness to their sound as well as depth, mystery and an other-worldly quality. The music and lyrics of The Wild Hymns are greatly influenced by human relationship, emotion, nature, and mysticism; they are reclaiming the word “hymn” as a song of praise to the natural world, the raw and wild human spirit, and universal/cosmic love.


The Wild Hymns have performed regionally at venues such as Bethlehem Musikfest, Kable House Presents in York, Pa and Long's Park Ampitheater in Lancaster, Pa and their music can can be heard on WXPN Philadelphia's "Sleepy Hollow" and "Folk Show". They released their third album of original music, 'Stories With The Moon', in December 2018 and have been touring the East coast and various parts of the U.S., promoting their new album since.

Erica Jo Shaffer

 Erica Jo Shaffer

I started this part of my journey around 10 years ago when I was attuned to Reiki, then soon after Reiki Master, while starting studies in Shamonic experiences and healing techniques. It was like a huge door opened filled with wonder and my curiosity to explore. I deepened my Shamanic aspects by attending multiple workshops and retreats created by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I began to incorporate more sound tools (drumming,rattles,singing bowls,ect.) in the sessions I was giving.My next opportunity was to study with the Institute of Modern Wisdom, joining the Priestess program. This deepened both my awe and ever evolving relationship with Consciousness, the Universe, the Goddess. I began regularly leading Sacred Mystic Circles, a gathering with a theme intention to inspire the participants, and to explore the edges of what we believe we know. 

During that stretch, I also began crafting herbal elixirs, salves, rose petal jam and more. Another branch had been revealed for me, and my business "Wildly Crafted Woman" emerged. In February 2020, I studied at Amrit Yoga Institute and am certified to lead sessions. . In my "day job," I have worked 30 years at Highland Gardens in Camp Hill as the Nursery Manager, and top Plant Geek, pulling up my roots in autumn 2019, as the company changed owners. I can be found now at Black Landscape Center, in Mechanicsburg PA.

Suzi Zappile

 Suzi Zappile

Suzi’s passion is to connect with people, to motivate and empower everyone to see their true potential and live in their own radiant light. It was natural that this path of nurturing and empowering people led her to find yoga.

In early 2013 her health declined drastically. After going from doctor to doctor, she was finally diagnosed with severe endometriosis. After undergoing surgery, hormone replacement therapy and many other medicinal treatments without a result, she decided to take matters into her own hands and turned to yoga. She instantly fell in love and enrolled in a 200hr yoga teacher training program. 3 months later she was pain free and stronger than ever! She started sharing yoga and meditation with anyone who was interested, this was a true miracle!!!! Soon after she became a meditation instructor, Kundalini prenatal yoga instructor, Kids yoga instructor and Reiki master. Suzi specializes in Yin Yoga and has recently developed her own Yin-ology Yin Yoga teacher training. Suzi’s true calling in life is to share with the world the benefits of yoga and mindfulness….you are sure to feel that in her class- she offers reiki and crystal bowl sound healing during savasana too! email:

Natalie Lain

Natalie Lain

 Natalie Lain is a sound-healer, vocalist, ecstatic dance DJ, and healing events facilitator based out of the Harrisburg area. She specializes in channeling intentional sonic journeys for those traveling within. 


Shambu Anand

Shambhu Anand

Instructor Bio


From the Ashrams of India, to the Pueblos of Taos, the banks of the Shipra to the Susquehanna, Acharya Shambhu Anand (Paul Herzer) is a living servant of Yoga in the Pashupati Lakulish Lineage of Swami Sri Kripalvanandaji. After multiple 200 and 500 hour trainings and thousands of hours of teaching spanning over two decades, he was invited to participate in the International Yoga Conference held during the Simhastha Kumbh Mela in Ujain, and again invited to Allahabad to participate in the ancient Vedic RudraYaga ceremony during the Ardha Kumbh Mela. Holding the ghee lamp for arti, he shines the light of Yoga for the world, continuously seeking the truth.



 He sits on the Board of Directors of the Kripalvananda Yoga Institute as historian, working to preserve the teachings of Swami Kripalu in Sumneytown Pa. He is a senior student of the last living Yoga Grand Master, Yogi Amrit Desai and serves as a senior teacher and Emissary Ambassador to the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs Fl. For the past 10 years he has studied mantra and chanting with Bhakti Yoga Masters Sri Bhagavan Das and Sharada Devi. He draws upon these Lineages for kirtan, which he has helped lead publically since 2017.

Leslie Avila_ DelightFull

 Leslie Avila/ DelightFull

Leslie is a local wellness leader in Central PA. Founder of the DelightFull brand, Leslie holds community events that include but are not limited to, free community yoga and meditation, monthly vegan potlucks, plant-based cooking classes, and weekly spiritual studies for the purpose of creating community to thrive together through. Leslie is a mystic creative committed to being the bridge between the spirit world and the human world, as she tries to connect the words and ideas that fall in her lap from space into comprehensible teachings.

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