Peter Sterios

Manduka Founder 

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Peter Sterios

Yogi Architect, ERYT 500 Yoga Teacher, Author, Founder of Manduka and LEVITYOGA

Peter Sterios is an internationally recognized yoga teacher and architect based in San Luis Obispo, CA. He is the founder of LEVITYoGAand MANDUKA, and the creator of the popular yoga DVD series “Gravity & Grace,” which is one of Yoga Journal’s top 15 yoga DVDs of all time. For three years (2011-2013) Peter taught yoga at the White House for Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiatives, and in 2018 and 2020, he was invited to the Pentagon to teach and share his ideas about yoga’s therapeutic effects for the US Marine Corps. He also co-founded KarmaNICA, a charitable organization for underprivileged children in rural Nicaragua. His first book Gravity & Grace: How to Awaken Your Subtle Body and the Healing Power of Yoga published by Sounds True, is a 2019 Nautilus Book Award Gold Medal Winner. We spoke about his new book, what he means by “subtle body,” his work at the White House, and his take on the contemporary yoga scene. Learn more about Peter Sterios here


Keri Louise

Radiant Life Health

When asked what I do for a living I love the excitement I feel in sharing what I do!  Teaching the sacred art of radical self-love! 

I value the idea of self-care and taking conscious actions towards nurturing one’s own emotional, mental and physical health. As a fully certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, I have had a regular personal practice of both for over 20 years. I believe that Pilates and yoga are so much more than just a form of exercise. It is a path for complete self-care where the mind, body and spirit are working in harmony. My Pilates and yoga practice has not only restored and strengthened me physically and emotionally, but has brought about an increased awareness in my everyday life to clean living, healthy eating and nurturing my spirit. This passion led me to become a certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, where I incorporate my knowledge of Pilates, yoga, nutrition and spiritual wellness to help my clients live the healthiest versions of themselves.


Optimum health goes beyond what you eat and how much you exercise and is really rooted in how much peace and joy you have in your life. This idea was the foundation for the creation of my Radiant Life Sacred Sisterhood Circles and Workshops, a nurturing space where women and girls gather to explore ancient ceremony work, soulful connections and navigating modern life.

I share these combined passions in each of my classes, programs and workshops.


In my free time, I love cooking, reading and expressing myself through a variety of creative outlets. More than anything, I love nature and being outside hiking, camping, exploring or even just sitting on my porch with a cup of tea and a good book. I truly get excited when speaking about self-care and radical self-love. I promise to share my excitement with you in order to help your most radiant life!


Helena Lalita Protopapas

Multi-disciplinary visual and performance artist, musician, and teacher of art, music, and yoga

Born in the Himalayas, to Swiss/Cypriot parents, Helena Lalita Protopapas is a multi-disciplinary visual and performance artist, musician, and teacher of art, music, and yoga.


At 20, while working on an album and living in San Francisco and later  Los Angeles, Helena was signed to Warner Bros as a recording and performing artist. After completing the album, she felt pulled to continue her education in the arts and fell in love with teaching, returning to rural Pennsylvania where she has developed a community of both yoga and violin students.

In the last few years, she has travelled throughout Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Denmark, Amsterdam, Belgium, France, Italy, and most recently studied in Switzerland. This past year, Helena and Wyatt (Bré) lived off the northeastern coast of Japan where they explored the culture, music, and magic of such an ancient and mysterious culture.

While traveling, Helena collects and draws inspiration for musical compositions that she weaves into both lectures and performances.

As a meditation and yoga teacher, and natural synesthete ( sonic and visual senses cross-over), Helena explores transcendence in her work. Fascinated with layering, mystery, memory, and the divine, Helena invites viewers, and listeners alike, to travel with her on an ethereal journey that connects both East and West, and reaches beyond into realms of the imagination.


John Protopapas 

Musician + Yoga Teacher

Having spent the last 35 years immersed in the study, practice and teaching of yoga, I feel more then ever that these universal Ancient teachings and practices can transform our lives, especially in these uncertain turbulent times.

Growing up in South Africa I went through a period of extreme turmoil and questioning. During that time I was completely moved and inspired by some Monks and Yogis that I met from the Himalayas, and about the same time I heard Classical Indian music on the Sitar. These experiences changed my life and direction.

I trained as a meditation teacher with the T.M movement of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Soon after that I went to India via Greece and immersed myself in the study of Yoga and Classical Indian music. I explored many different styles and approaches to yoga in the over eight years I lived there, and I share this approach in the way I teach.

John teaches a World Music Course at York College. He taught Yoga as a therapy for at risk teenagers at the Children's Home of York and at the Lutheran Home, a senior citizens center. He currently provides Yoga Therapy at a rehab facility in York.


Mystical Kirtan with Mirabai Moon


Mystical Kirtan with Mirabai Moon offers a passionate embrace of the Divine Essence right here, right now... in your embodied, human form, just as you are. 
Singer/songwriter Mirabai Moon’s immensely versatile and powerfully expressive voice has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and even mantra artist Deva Premal.  Her music takes listeners on a journey, flowing effortlessly from ethereal dreaminess to soulful blues and jazz. 

She honed her craft studying vocal improvisation with Jazz legend Bobby McFerrin and Rhiannon of Voicestra.    After nearly two decades of songwriting and three original albums, she fell in love with the practice of Kirtan.  In 2010, Mirabai devoted herself as a Bhakta, singing sacred chants in Sanskrit, sharing her profound love of the Divine with others through call and response devotional chanting.

Mirabai’s life changing experiences with kirtan and mantra practice led her to explore other sound healing modalities.  She now uses crystal singing bowls, chimes and gongs with groups and individual clients for healing and transformation work.   Mirabai tours across North America and internationally, sharing chant music and sound healing in yoga studios, healing centers, and festivals.  Her offerings guide participants into experiences of profound healing and embodiment of the Divine Essence within human form.

Here's what folks are saying...

“Mirabai Moon is a Kirtan soul angel who uplifts the Spirit.  Her voice is exquisitely tuned and her warmth fills your heart. Don’t miss her!” - Gary Goldberg of WRPI, In The Spirit Radio
"Mirabai Moon's new album is the bomb!" - Bhakti Beat

"Mirabai's music is filled with heart and devotion." - Steve Gorn
"Listening to Mirabai Moon sing is like hearing a soulful, beautiful transmission of the divine."  
- Lauren Rutten


Rachel and Ulysses Wilson

Yoga Teachers

Rachel is a multifaceted yoga teacher with 15 years of experience and is a registered Yoga Therapist. She is the founder of Om My Yoga, as well as Om My Yoga Academy She offers students creative and accessible classes, workshops, and retreats that draw upon her education in Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Acrobatics, Pilates, athletics, personal training, mental health, mindfulness and meditation. Rachel brings boundless energy, insight and creativity to every class, teacher training and workshop she leads. Rachel is an E-RYT 500, an Aerial Yoga Teacher, an Acro-Yogi, a PHI-Pilates instructor, an ACE certified personal trainer, a marathoner, a triathlete and mother of two humans, two pitfalls and one pootalian. Both new students and seasoned teachers seek out to her classes and workshops for fresh inspiration, motivation and mentorship.


Ulysses Wilson, E-RYT

Ulysses Wilson is a yoga teacher with a unique passion for movement. His movement practice was originally directed by a dynamic and competitive wrestling career, supplemented with training in martial arts, specifically Judo. During college, his athletic career was halted by a spinal fracture, which resulted in two surgeries. Over the years, he used therapeutic yoga techniques to regain mobility and strength, while attaining his masters and law degrees, as well as his Yoga Teaching certification. He has gone on to extensively study Hatha/Vinyasa yoga, Acrobatic yoga, Aerial Yoga, SUP yoga and more. He currently acts as a trainer/mentor in the Om My Yoga Academy 200 and 500 level Yoga School in Pennsylvania, and teaches yoga classes and workshops at Om My Yoga Studios, which he co-owns with his wife and partner, Rachel Wilson. He brings a sense of playfulness, compassion and lighthearted insight to everything he does.

Natalie Toma.jpg

Natalie Toma

Owner, Enchanted Realms

Natalie Toma is the owner of Enchanted Realms, LLC.  Enchanted Realms was created to assist her clients with discovering ways to destress and to learn how to connect to the magickal side of life. Natalie has been practicing the healing arts for nearly twenty years.  She is a 200-hour RYT; with certificates in Yoga for Anxiety, Yoga for PTSD, Stress, Depression, and Anxiety, Energy Medicine Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Healing Yoga. She is a certified Massage Therapist, a Reiki Master, Chakra and Crystal healer.  She holds an AA in Hospitality Management, a BS in Occupational Studies, and is pursuing her Master’s of Science in Health and Wellness Coaching.


Bhante Soma

Monk, Blue Lotus Temple

Bhante Soma comes to us from Sri Lanka where he became a monk at the tender age of 11 years old. He is the youngest child in a large loving family. Thanks to modern technology, he can maintain a close relationship with his siblings, mother, and many nieces and nephews.


In the short time that Bhante Soma has been in Central Pennsylvania, he has worked hard to build a spiritual community. Bhante Soma brings wisdom and humor to his Dharma talks. His message of Loving Kindness resonates with people on a deep level, and has helped them to find something in their lives that they didn’t know was missing.


Bhante Soma is traveling all around Central Pennsylvania teaching over 20 meditation classes a month. He performs many house blessings and baby blessings, and is available to officiate at weddings and funeral services. He makes himself available to anyone who needs spiritual guidance, at any time of day.


Bhante Soma’s loving spirit and quick sense of humor has earned him the nick-name of “Funny Monk”. Known for his beautiful chanting voice, his practitioners are immersed in beautiful sound during his weekly Loving-Kindness Meditations


Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple PA I About Us


Kuf Kn0ts&Christine Elise


MC/ Poet/ Songwriter Kuf Knotz and classically trained Harpist / Guitarist / Pianist / Vocalist Christine Elise have combined forces to create a new album. The unlikely pair connected and built the project with a similar vision, wanting to create positive, forward thinking music driven by a strong message. Both individuals are intrinsically motivated to foster community growth through musical expression.


Christine Elise has a strong background in music therapy having delivered music therapy services to children, adults, and seniors with developmental delays, special needs and those needing emotional support.  Finding a passion for community music therapy, she has facilitated group sessions for professionals and clients in the USA, South Africa, Peru and Jamaica.  She has presented at national and regional music therapy conferences, with a focus on her community music therapy work, as well as written three scholarly articles published by Music Therapy Perspectives.


Kuf Knotz is one of todays fastest emerging alternative artists which has led him to open for a very diverse number of acts - 


Ms Lauryn Hill, The Roots, Common, G-love, Wyclef Jean, Slick Rick, The Wailers, Robert Randolph, SteelPulse, Arrested Development, Robert Glasper, Inspectah Deck, Rising Appalachia,  Zac Deputy, Josh Ritter, B.O.B,Bone Thugs & Harmony, Kabaka Pyramid, Yellowman , Soulive , Easy Star Allstars, Ozomatli  &  Bruce Springsteen. 


Lena Hershey 

Yoga Teacher, Owner of Anahata Yoga and Mindful Movement Studio

Lena Hershey had practiced yoga for over two decades before deciding to go through the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and share the gift of yoga with others.

The perpetual student, Lena has completed additional 300 hours of yoga teacher training in 2018 (becoming an RYT-500) and strongly believes that one can never have enough education.

On her path to where she is today Lena also obtained a NASM Personal Training, Pilates Reformer, Aerial Yoga, Spinning, TRX Suspension Training, Thai Bodywork and Yin Yoga  certifications and taught those modalities at one point or another in her career in fitness, which she started pursuing full time in 2016.

In 2018 Lena opened Anahata Yoga and Mindful Movement studio in Carlisle, PA where she now teaches Aerial and mat yoga classes alongside other wonderful teachers.

Lena’s philosophy as a teacher is that yoga is for everybody and every body. She brings her love for the yoga practice and respect for individual differences of her students to her every class.


NicolE montanarelli 

Yoga Teacher

Don't just survive through this life! Thrive!  Utilize life style changes to explore a life that is present, full and keeps you connected to yourself, others, the world, and all that is around you.  Nicole is an E-RYT 500 hour yoga teacher and a YACEP 500.  She holds a BS in Natural Health and Healing and is a Priest in the order of Melchizedek.  Nicole is also yoga therapist graduating from Spanda Yoga Therapy and has been practicing yoga since she was 15 years old.  Nicole has always been called to serve.  She loves to work with people to offer a better way of living for themselves and a healthier way to relate to the world around them.  An avid practitioner of yoga and a veracious appetite for esoteric wisdom has lead her on the path of a yoga teacher, reverend and wellness coach.   Offering yoga, spiritual counseling, natural health and healing, and yoga therapy, Nicole only wishes to assist you on your own healing journey.  Wake up the healer within and Unite your mind, body and soul through yoga and ritual and life style changes.


Shambhu Anand

Yoga Teacher + Historian

From the Ashrams of India, to the Pueblos of Taos, the banks of the Shipra to the Susquehanna, Acharya Shambhu Anand (Paul Herzer) is a living servant of Yoga in the Pashupati Lakulish Lineage of Swami Sri Kripalvanandaji. After multiple 200 and 500 hour trainings and thousands of hours of teaching spanning over two decades, he was invited to participate in the International Yoga Conference held during the Simhastha Kumbh Mela in Ujain, and again invited to Allahabad to participate in the ancient Vedic RudraYaga ceremony during the Ardha Kumbh Mela. Holding the ghee lamp for arti, he shines the light of Yoga for the world, continuously seeking the truth.



He sits on the Board of Directors of the Kripalvananda Yoga Institute as historian, working to preserve the teachings of Swami Kripalu in Sumneytown Pa. He is a senior student of the last living Yoga Grand Master, Yogi Amrit Desai and serves as a senior teacher and Emissary Ambassador to the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs Fl. For the past 10 years he has studied mantra and chanting with Bhakti Yoga Masters Sri Bhagavan Das and Sharada Devi. He draws upon these Lineages for kirtan, which he has helped lead publically since 2017.


Brenda Eppley

Yoga Teacher

Brenda was first introduced to yoga more than 15 years ago, and became serious about her practice while searching for relief from chronic back pain. The yogic tools and methodology she learned literally changed her life.  Certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yoga in Prisons/PTSD, Brenda is eager to share her knowledge with students and uses her background as a Professor of Theatre and professional actor to effectively, creatively, and safely build a solid yoga foundation appropriate for every student. With an abundance of positive energy and welcoming presence, Brenda`s objective is to empower practitioners with tools that will enrich their lives on a daily basis both on and off the mat. Through exploration and connection of mind, body, and breath, practitioners will be able to bring yogic balance to all aspects of their lives----ultimately enhancing their health and well being in every respect. To learn more about Brenda, please visit her web site at:  green-tree-yoga.com


Sudha Allitt

Founder + Teacher, Kula Kamala Foundation

Sudha is the founder and primary teacher of Kula Kamala Foundation, a 501c3 public charity. She is a Spiritual Counselor, Reverend, Ayurveda Health Counselor, YogaAcharya, C-IAYT, and a 500E-RYT. She began practicing yoga in her early twenties and has found it to be a continually transformative, reaffirming and uplifting lifestyle, one which continues to help her integrate and connect more deeply. 


With thousands of hours of advanced study in Yoga and its adjuncts, Sudha authored and directs a 200YTT, 300YTT, 870PYT, and two hospital based Yoga Therapy programs, in addition to other specialty training curriculum such as Goddess Based Wisdom and Tantra as a Practical Healing Methodology. For over 13 years, she has worked with abused and neglected children, at-risk teens, women in crisis, and individuals seeking spiritual clarity in their life and relationships. Sudha's experience and knowledge as a teacher, guide and advisor are grounded in decades of education, application, experience, and research. Personally and professionally, Sudha abides in principals and guidelines that are grounded in non-harming, empathy and compassionate discipline. 


In addition to her skill and education in Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Sudha holds a PhD in Anthropology (expertise Biological Anthropology) and has held the position of Professor of Yoga and Meditation (Georgian Court University) and Professor of Cultural and Evolutionary Anthropology (Temple University and Monmouth University). She has published scholarly articles on ancient diet and it's relationship to health, disease and socio-political issues.


Sudha enjoys self expression and creativity. An artist in several mediums, she writes daily and has published her second book of poetry titles Seeds. Her third book, 30 Days, is on its way and will be released soon. Sudha has acted on stage and screen and is a spiritual, animal, human, social, and environmental advocate. 


Sudha travels regionally to provide inspirational talks and public speaking events, but most students seek her out at the Kula Kamala Foundation Yoga Ashram that she and her late husband, Ed RamaChandra, developed. That is where she lives, serves and teaches.

Heather Sharar

Heather S Sharar 

RYT 500 Red Head Yoga

 My mission is to bring intentional, holistic well-being tools and practices to offer a place of peace to serve anyone who suffers from PTSD, stress, anxiety or depression in such a way that they feel empowered to live their life beyond their trauma/suffering. Heather's love of yoga stems from the healing aspects of a consistent practice.  Her practice originally started to help her quit smoking.  However, in 2014, a shoulder injury prevented her from practicing yoga, as well as her other passion - cycling, for an extended period of time.  Experiencing a frustration with western medicine, she sought out chiropractic assistance until she was able to return to a gentle yoga practice.  The ability to build from a gentle yoga practice back to a dynamic vinyasa practice solidified her belief in the centuries old philosophies and teachings of yoga related to healing the mind, body, and spirit. As an avid cyclist, she believes in the benefits of cross training with yoga to help her maintain a strong core and balance for her physical body.  As a yoga professional, she believes in the health of the mind through meditation as well as the asana practice for balance in other areas of life.


Arlene  Trayer

Teacher, Writer + Mentor

Creatively bringing order out of confusion and chaos wherever she finds it, Arlene is a teacher, writer and mentor.  She is a published author, an award winning business woman and serves as Board Chair for two non profit organizations in her community.   

As a yoga teacher, Arlene is passionately able to synthesize the qualities that have made her successful in her other vocations:  Structured clarity of instruction supported by the drive to bring the best out in her students.  Arlene believes in designing a yoga class that leaves her students feeling more fully connected, confident and joyful.  Her classes are described as providing a safe yet challenging experience.   Arlene has a passion for helping people to explore and practice yoga on their own terms.   

Off the mat, Arlene is an avid knitter, a student of Indian cuisine and Ayurveda.


500 hour registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance; Certified Yoga for All Instructor, Curvy Yoga Certified, Certified Gravity Yoga Teacher and is a Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher.  

Arlene is a licensed Body Positive Facilitator qualified to lead Be Body Positive workshops and events

cumberland Honey.jpg

Cumberland Honey


Hailing from the heart of Cumberland county, PA, Virginia Masland and Steph Landis bring sweet harmonies with folk influences, soul and a taste of bluegrass. Their original songs weave stories of life, love and a call to social action.


Brittany Van Schravendijk

Coach + Personal Trainer

Brittany is a coach and personal trainer currently based in San Diego. She has gained worldwide recognition for her accomplishments in Kettlebell Sport as a 7x Master of Sport, World Champion, World Record Holder, and one of the first women to ever compete with 2x24kg kettlebells. Brittany became obsessed with handstands in 2015, and she has been upside down ever since! While she has learned much of her handstand skill through her personal practice, Brittany has trained with numerous experts including Jean-Luc Martin from the San Diego Circus Center, Shawn Mozen & Sara-Clare Lajeunesse of Agatsu, Daniel Chavez, Ulrik Ask Fossum, and Yuri Marmerstein. Brittany loves teaching people of all ages and fitness levels to handstand - the joy and empowerment they get from doing something they previously considered impossible is amazing! 

karen East.jpg


Yoga Teacher + Personal Trainer

Karen is a certified Personal Trainer, YTT200, Fitness Instructor, and Reiki Master and has been working in the Wellness industry for 15 years. 

Along the path she has found healing through holistic methods and practiced creative ways to live a more Balanced Life.  It is her calling to guide others towards this experience as well.  

Karen works with clients to find happiness, joy, and total acceptance with themselves through a combination of the energetic and physical bodies.




sarah sturgis.png

Sarah Sturgis

Teacher, Co-Owner of the Wellness Collective

Sarah Amala is a RYT 200 hr Yoga Instructor, Psychic Intuitive, Reiki Master, Holistic Health Coach, and Writer living in Central PA. She is co-owner of The Wellness Collective in Camp Hill, which houses a lively and loving bunch of wellness practitioners, local artisans, movement classes, and various events. 


As a teacher, Sarah believes that her role is simply to create the atmosphere and safe space for each person to discover their own unique expression and healing abilities, on their own time line. The Amala Method is a fusion of gentle flow yoga, breathwork, meditation techniques, and energy healing, meant to relax the body so that the mind can wander and heal. 


Sarah offers monthly Connection Circles, Psychic Intuitive Readings(online and in person), Writing Workshops, and Energy Healing, in addition to Amala Method. 


You can tune into her free LIVE energy updates on Facebook every Monday and Friday between 8am-9am. www.facebook.com/sarahamalasturgis


You can visit her website for more information here: www.sarahamala.com

Reiki By Rickie

Rickie Meryl Freedman

Owner, Reiki by Ricki

Rickie Meryl Freedman

Reiki Master/Teacher, P.T.

Bringing an Integrative approach to Holistic Health,

Rickie’s expertise spans across many aspects of wellness,

particularly pain and stress management , and reduction of

addictive behaviors, anxiety and sleep issues.

"Reiki by Rickie ~ Gentle Touch, Deep Healing",

individualized Healing and Balancing sessions, is one of

many tools. Rickie teaches all levels of Reiki Classes

including “Reiki for Healthcare Professionals” and

“ReikiKids”. She recently published a ReikiKids

Coloring/Activity manual. She has created and conducts

numerous workshops, including “The Power of a Positive

Attitude” and “Choosing Peace in Challenging Times", as

well as teaching other Reiki Masters about sharing Reiki with


Rickie offers Reiki Sessions at "ReikiSpace & Learning

Place", Central PA's first Reiki Center, which she created

and opened in 2013. Rickie is a Certified Holistic Life Coach

and shares her "Follow your Heart AND Do it Smart!"

Mentorship program.

Rickie’s Mission in the world is to bring the Inner Peace

of the Reiki Experience in a grounded way to as many

people as possible. “I don’t DO Reiki, I LIVE Reiki!” Rickie

believes that “Our world and this Earth need all the Light,

Love and Positive Energy we can possibly share!”

Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place





Gustavo Manje

Meditation Teacher

Gustavo Monje (Krsnatma) is a meditation teacher from the Washington DC area with close to 20 years of experience. He leads his local spiritual community, the Vistara Circle, for weekly yoga, kirtan, and meditation. The Vistara Circle also offers kirtan and meditation sessions online at the Online Meditation for Beginners via Facebook and Youtube live. Most of Gustavo's students find him on his Youtube channel, Tantra Thoughts, where he has built a large library of educational videos that teach different aspects of the spiritual science of Tantra. He is also a musician with a recently released album of kirtan music called, "Serenade to Universe".


Annelise Latini, Clear Sphere

ERYT 200 Teacher

Sat nam!  I am an ERYT 200 teacher having received my Hatha teacher training from Asheville Yoga Center (Asheville, NC) and my Kundalini Yoga Teacher training from Lighthouse Yoga (Washington, D.C.)  I am certified as a Y12SR (yoga for addiction recovery)  leader, and a Reiki Level 2 attuned practitioner.  I am currently studying Anusara Yoga and Ayurveda with Rachel Bush.  

I believe in the healing power of a yogic path to transform and uplift!

Having grown up in the central PA area, I moved back almost 3 years ago. I was overjoyed to find so much interest in the yogic lifestyle that our studio, Clear Sphere Yoga in downtown Williamsport, sprung up organically and has grown to include many styles and amazing teachers within a thriving community.  


My teaching style is very easy-going and playful and I provide a lot of explanation.   Every class weaves yogic philosophy and spiritual principles as well as a strong focus on meditation and breath-work. I primarily teach Kundalini and Hatha Yoga at Clear Sphere, at White Deer Rehab, at the Muncy Prison, as well as traveling to various organizations and companies to facilitate holistic wellness practices . 

In addition to my role as yoga teacher, I am a certified holistic life and addiction recovery coach.  


I am overjoyed to be a part of the Central PA Yoga LOVE Festival  for the second year.

The Mas and The Babas

The Mas and the Babas

Musicians + Yoga Teachers

The Mas & The Babas are a collective of professional musicians, yoga teachers and enthusiasts. Hailing from Central Pennsylvania the group brings loving devotion to a new level with their eclectic mix of western and traditional melodies, African drums, and storytelling.


Lara Vracarich

Expressive Dance + Rhythm Artist and Teacher

Lara Vracarich is passionate about all styles of dance and rhythm and inspiring others to break through their inhibitions and open into experiencing the healing joy of these modalities. She has a BA in “Human Development: Dance Therapy”, from Prescott College and Naropa University, and has studied traditional, multicultural and improvisational dance, African and expressive drumming, 5 rhythms© dance & DansKinetics©.  As Creative Spirit Fusion, she offers multicultural and expressive dance, rhythm and spoken word performances and classes, and as Alma Fuego Flamenco (Soul Fire Flamenco), she offers Flamenco dance and gypsy fusion dance performances and classes.  She has worked as a Creative Arts Therapist at The Renfrew Center and has taught at Danzante School for the Arts, The Movement Center, The Growing Lotus Studio, Just Plain Yoga Studio, Amethyst Retreat Center and at multiple festivals, retreats and conferences.

Michele Landis, Yoga At Simply Well

Michele Landis

Founder + Director of Yoga, Simply Well

Michele Landis is an experienced registered 500 hour teacher certified by the Kripalu School of Yoga, is the founder and director of Yoga at Simply Well.


She became certified in 2003 and has been teaching yoga full time for over 15 years. Michele continues to grow her practice and has earned numerous certifications in pre-natal yoga, positional therapy, Thai body work, restorative yoga and Restore Your Core®. She is especially dedicated to the RYC program which specializes in core and pelvic floor health; helping men and women gain core strength, heal pelvic floor dysfunction and learn optimal exercise regimes.


Michele’s own connection to nature is reflected in her passion for the outdoors. She has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, and has taught outdoor education at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, where she was first introduced to yoga. Michele has also hiked the Colorado Trail, New England’s Long Trail, and The Great Glen and West The Highland Way, in Scotland. In her free time you can catch her swimming, hiking, paddle boarding, spending time with family and friends or off on a new adventure.