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Opportunity to become a supporting Sponsor this 3rd Annual 

The 3rd Annual Central Pennsylvania Yoga Love Festival is rooted in unity, love and kindness. In this retreat style, eco-friendly, drug and alcohol-free festival, we will shine the light right on our state's capital, Harrisburg, PA, and gather together yoga studios, teachers, students, like-minded enthusiasts and businesses in a collaborative way that's never been done before in the region. The festival's mission is to educate attendees so that their personal yoga journey is heightened, and also to raise awareness to the public on the numerous benefits of yoga and the connection of mind, body and spirit. The festival brings understanding and growth in all the limbs of yoga, and lets love connect us.


Love Sponsor

  *Access to sending email subscribers promotional material

  • Logo on website, main stage logo display, and welcome sign at festival

  • Promotional material at welcome table

  • Mention during opening ceremony and throughout festival

  • Social media mentions and listed as sponsor on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels

  • First option to provide swag bags to attendees

  • Optional Vendors Spot at the festival

Kindness Sponsor


  • Logo on welcome banner

  • Listed as sponsor on Facebook,Instagram and other social media channels

  • Listed on Website as a sponsor

  • Optional Vendors table

  • Mentioned during opening ceremony

  • Sponsor a class with your logo

Shanti (peace) sponsor

  • Listed as a sponsor on social media channels

  • Pictures of your business and mention on social media channels

  • Mentioned during closing ceremony

  • This does not include vendors Table or Tickets


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